W9s Student or Borrower

Like the other W9 forms it is a request for the person's Taxpayer ID number and Certification.
It seems that they don't have a lot of expectations form students or borrowers because the form is much simpler to fill out than the other W9 Forms.
It is a two page form rather than a four page form.

Now this W9s form is informative and yet simple as it asks for a Student or Borrower ID.

It seems to me that students might have gotten into the planning of this form to simplify it for them selves.

Perhaps they had a father who was in charge of the design of the form and they grabbed the files before they got to the printer for publication and changed them to  be much easier  for fellow students to deal with.. Perhaps not was simply a thought.

You can find a W9S form here and it is best to save it in your computer first then use it as you would need to.

Here is a list of titles for the very limited instructions page:

  • General Instructions

  • Specific Instructions

  • Part 2. Student Loan Certification

  • Part 3. Requester Information

  • Penalties

  • Secure Your Tax Records From Identity Theft

  • Privacy Act Notice